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Our Pastoral Staff

Daniel Hsu - Senior Pastor

Pastor Daniel Hsu was born in Taiwan. In 1975, he came to the United States to pursue graduate study in Special Education. Three years later, in responding to the Lord’s calling, he devoted himself to full-time ministry. In 1981, he graduated from Yale Divinity School and began pastoral ministry in Fresno, California. In June 1984, he was called to serve as pastor of MBC. 

Over the last three decades, his wife, Mrs. Kaidi Hsu also served the Lord faithfully alongside with Pastor Hsu. In May 2009, she completed her Masters Degree in Church Music at Truth Theological Seminary. They have three grown sons, Angier, David and Timothy.

Danny Furukawa - English Ministry Pastor

Pastor Danny was born in Orlando, Florida to missionary parents who were stateside on furlough. When Danny was just four years old, the family returned to Japan where he spent the next ten years, and received Japanese education. Danny returned to Florida at age fourteen, learning English all over again. Danny was twenty years old when he surrendered to the Lord after realizing his need to be saved.


Danny met and married his wife, Donna, at First Baptist Church, Orlando. Soon after they were married, God led them to dedicate their lives to help shape youth through their difficult years and leading them to discover their purpose for Life. After building a successful architectural business, God led Danny and Donna to full-time Christian service. Danny graduated from Gateway Seminary with an MDiv. He and Donna have three grown children and nine grandchildren.

Alex Yuen - Pastor

Alex was born in Hong Kong and came to know the Lord in middle school while attending a Christian fellowship. He was baptized at age 16. While attending dental school at the National Taiwan University, he attended the Grace Baptist Church in Taipei and served at the Training Union, Baptist Student Union and choir. After two years of dental residency at Taiwan University Hospital, he returned to Hong Kong and started his private practice.

With the urge to excel both professionally and spiritually, Alex left his well-established dental practice for life in the United States. In 1991, at the age of forty, he began his studies at UCLA. After four years of hard work, he graduated with a master's degree in oral biology and a certificate in orthodontics. While Alex was contemplating opening a private practice, the Holy Spirit compelled him to go to seminary. By God’s grace and the prayers and encouragement of MBC members, and after nine and a half years, Alex received a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2008. The following year, the church formally installed Alex as a lay minister. 

Since Alex came to know the Lord and grew up in student fellowship, he realizes the importance and value of student ministry. Together with his wife Yih-lan, he served students from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong at the Mandarin Youth Fellowship for over sixteen years. After his ordination in 2016, Alex’s ministry was shifted to family ministry with emphasis on families with young children. Alex is interested in spiritual formation and teaches Sunday School classes at both our Chinese and English congregations.

Alex is also a photography enthusiast. He believes capturing God’s magnificent creation through photography is an act of worship. His desire is for God to allow him to proclaim His glory by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with photos and the Word of God.


He and Yih-lan have two grown daughters and three grandkids plus one adopted granddaughter waiting to be picked up from China after the pandemic is over.

Daode Chen - Pastor

Minister Daode Chen was born in a Christian family in Wenzhou, in the Zhe Jiang Province of China. He knew the Lord by high school and started serving in ministry at his local church at the age of 19. He was called to be a full-time servant of the Lord when he was 22. At the same time, after undergoing a rigorous process at a Wenzhou local church, Chen became part of the official pastoral staff. During this period of time, Chen was actively involved in expanding the youth fellowships and ministering to the migrant workers. He also engaged in leading worship, giving lectures and teaching. 

In 2003, Chen went to Singapore Bible College and received formal training in theology. Chen received his Masters degree, with emphasis in theology in 2007. He returned to serve at his hometown local church in Wenzhou after graduation. Chen spent half of his time serving the youth group, half of the time engaging in theological education and writing ministry. In 2010, Chen and his wife Zhou Li Mei started attending and serving at MBC. In 2012, he became an official part-time pastoral staff member.

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